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Jens Sehm Background/Education
Jens Sehm was born in 1962, in Thalheim, (former) East Germany. This region, the Erzgebirge or "Ore Mountain region," is famous for their hand-carved wooden smoking men, light angels, and pyramids (examples). Steeped in this heritage of fine woodwork and high-quality German craftsmanship, Jens grew up whittling, carving, doing carpentry, and home building.

In 1984 (five years before the Berlin Wall came down and reunification), Jens was able to leave East Germany and settled near Heidelberg. He and his wife moved to the States in 1989, where Jens got his degree in Construction Management at Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo. After working in that field for about four years, Jens decided to focus full-time on fine woodwork, and in particular, furniture making. He has continued his woodworking studies here in the U.S., at James Krenovís woodworking program at the College of the Redwoods in Fort Bragg, California. Jens now lives and has his shop in Ashland, Oregon. He welcomes visitors.

If you would like to contact any past clients, just email or call Jens (contact info is at the bottom of every page).

*Examples of Erzgebirge Angels, Smoking Men, and Pyramids

angelssmoking men and nutcrackerspyramid

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